Dear Families/ Whanau

Welcome to Room 33 and the beginning of a very busy and exciting year at Pukekohe Intermediate School. I trust you have enjoyed the first few weeks of school and are looking forward to the remainder of the term.
This term we will administer the beginning of the year assessments during week three and four. The assessment data is invaluable and will assist me to teach to your child’s needs.

Learning Communities
There are five learning communities at Pukekohe Intermediate School. Room 33 is part of the Sheppard Learning Community.

School Rules
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Classroom Wiki page
Here you will find student's drafted work, online learning resources and a page for each learning area that will be updated with information, resources or classroom work.

Every student in the class will have a password and username to be able to use the wiki, this is for security reasons. If your parents would like to become members or be updated when your page changes just let me know, via email at and I can make them a member too. It is important that we only use first names on here and no text language please.

Student Diary
The student diary will become your child’s best friend. Your child can record any relevant daily notices, homework, sports practices or special events. Your child may reflect on the information learned during the day.

Correct uniform is expected every day. Should your child have incorrect uniform they will need to bring a signed note from home explaining why and when it will be corrected. Our school also has a set uniform for P.E. Your child is expected to have this at school every day. If your child is unable to bring their P.E gear, for any reason, a signed note from home is needed and an appropriate change of clothes should be brought instead.

Absences/Late slips
If your child is absent the school will contact you. If you know in advance that your child be will be absent then you will need to bring in a signed letter explaining the absence. If you child is late they will need to sign in at the student centre and get a late slip, reasons for lateness are questioned and any unexplained or consistent lateness will result in me contacting home.

Learning areas for Term Three
Inquiry Learning/ PB4L- Globalisation
Mathematics Number knowledge and strategy teaching/ Algebra Measurement/ Geometry
Literacy (Reading) Guided Reading- Narratives/ PB4L
Literacy (Writing) Descriptive Writing
Spelling Joy Allcock programme
Maori- The Calendar/ Classroom Commands/ On going use of Te Reo in the classroom.

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Specialist Lessons
Year 7 students will the following specialist lessons throughout the week.Click on the link beside your child's specialist teacher to find out homework requirements and classroom expectations.
Art Mrs Griffin

Soft Materials Mrs White

Hard Materials Mr Sibley

Our library day for this year is on Day 5, period 2. Students are given the opportunity to issue up to two books for over a two week period. Please ensure that your child returns their library books by the set date and has opportunities to read at home daily. Reading regularly will help children within all learning areas in the classroom. Click on the link to go to the Library wiki page

Physical Education
This term students will participate in a variety of Large Ball Skills drills and modified games. Your child will need to bring to school correct school P.E. gear and footwear may be needed on occasion. We will also have a daily fitness session.

Homework will vary throughout the year depending on the classroom programme. If for any reason your child cannot do all the work set, please let me know. Homework may consist of work to consolidate learning outside of the classroom or unfinished classroom work. I am aware that the students in my class lead busy lives outside of the school hours and have many, varied activities after school so I will be encouraging them to think about time management.
Students should complete at least 30 minutes reading daily. This reading might be a book from school or public library book, a book from home, a newspaper or magazine etc. Most pupils should be able to organise this for themselves.

Finally, I want you to know that one of my most important goals this year is to keep the lines of communication open with you. I am available every day to talk with you between 7:40 a.m. and 8:10 a.m. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at if you have any questions or concerns during the year.

Mrs Rebekah Pearson
Sheppard Learning Community Leader
Year 7 Classroom Teacher